Broccoli Health Benefits

What Is Broccoli Health Benefits?

Broccoli is a vegetable which belongs to the family of cabbage and is cultivated and grown for its vitamin rich flower heads. Its green or purple florets are known for many significant and, unique Phytonutriens that have been corroborated to have ailments preventing and health facilitating features. The scientific name of Broccoli is ‘Brassica Oleracea Var. Italica’.(*1,5 & 7*)


Scientifically, Broccoli is a family member of vegetables such as cauliflower vegetable, brussel sprouts vegetable, cabbage vegetable, and arugula vegetable. Post harvest, broccoli plant gives green color or purple color flowers contingent on the cultivation classification.

The centered tough stick like structure will be approximately about 8 to 10 inches length and both the stick and pluffy flower type heads are eatable.

Let us now dive deep and catch a bird’s eye view about the distinct health advantages of Broccoli. Compare the health advantages of this vegetable to others like spinach, okra, cauliflower, cabbage, radish etc.,


The following are a few of the health benefits of Broccoli but not limited to,

Ideal Calorie Adder

The principle health advantage of Broccoli vegetable is that it does not beef up too many calories for one’s comfort. On an average 500 grams of freshly grown Broccoli releases 170 calories to human body. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Epicenter of Vitamins & Antioxidants

Broccoli is an epicenter to several pro-health antioxidant & vitamin and does not comprise of too much cholesterol content & fat content. It comprise of A,C,E & K VITAMINS to name a few. On account of its low fat content, this is an ideal vegetable for consumption for everyone. (*4*)

Anti-estrogen agent

Broccoli vegetable does the function of an effective Anti-estrogen element agent as it is fully loaded with multiple anti-cancer phytochemical elements such as sulforaphane element and plant sterols agents like indole-3-carbinol element. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Battles Cancer ailment

Research has shown that the ingredient present in Broccoli vegetable has helped in getting the better of different types of cancers that people are prone to such as Ovarian Cancer, Colon Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer etc. Cancer these days is such an epidemic and is so prevalent. The fact that this vegetable helps in preventing it to a very large extent is one of its principle advantages.

Promotes & Facilitates Active Metabolism

Broccoli is also a quick facilitator of active metabolism process as it provides the crucial B Complex vitamins like B3, B5, B6 vitamin and nitonic acid. This vegetable also does contain K Vitamin which plays an active role in ensuring active and sustained metabolism process of fat content, protein content and carbohydrate content inside the human body. For people who suffer due to indigestion problem, this is an ideal foil. (*4*)


Broccoli also provides the ideal fiber content to the human body as it generates about 11 gms of fiber content for every 500 grams consumed. Floret nutrients present in this flower provide the fiber content that we are referring to. (*4*)

Immunity Booster & Preventer of Cancer ailment

The high value that Broccoli provides is that it boosts our immunity level while preventing cancer ailment & infections ailments. This is on account of its C Vitamin content. A perfectly grown Broccoli vegetable provides about 255 mg for every 500 grams consumed. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Richness in Mineral Content

Broccoli has rich mineral content though in limited quantities such as manganese mineral, iron mineral, calcium mineral & potassium mineral. These minerals help in countering the hypertension ailment and discharge their duties as perfect electrolyte agents. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Anti-Virus Agent

Among many other health advantages that Broccoli offers, it stimulates immunity level and functions as anti-viral agents & anti-bacterial agent. This is account of the Di-indolyl-Methant nutrient present in this vegetable. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Nutrition & Vitamins Rich Vegetable

In comparison to the advantages offered by other vegetables like cucumber, the most widely known vantage of consuming Broccoli is they give your body all the essential vitamins which are required in maintaining healthy life-style. This popular fruit provides A vitamin, B vitamin, K vitamin also with magnesium mineral, potassium mineral and calcium mineral etc. (Refer to table 1 & 2)

Limited Side Effects

It is an open secret that anything consumed in excess does lead to complication and Broccoli is no exception. The goitrogens elements present in this vegetable (if used excessively) may lead to deficiency situation of thyroid hormone and may end up to swelling of Thyroid Gland part inside the human body.

Hence we bring to your kind notice that usage of this vegetable should be at individual discretion and it should ideally be avoided by people ailing from the ill-effects of dysfunctional thyroid. (*4*)

Other Benefits

At times, in spite of the knowledge or experience that we had gained over a period of time, we tend to turn a deaf eye or lend a deaf ear to the same. The same holds true with this vegetable. In spite of huge awareness among all and sundry about the advantages of Broccoli, yet we tend to neglect this vitamin-rich & mineral-rich leafy vegetable. Thanks to the awareness these days, things have changed for the better.

Broccolis are touted to be the best amongst the vegetables and hence it would be prudent on our part to replace some of the other vegetables that we in-take with a few grams of Broccolis as they promote our immune system to maintain a sustained healthy life.

Broccolis in the day to come are going to become a very integral part of one’s diet. So, what’s the delay???? Let’s get to the nearest vegetable store and get some Broccolis to reap optimum value of Broccolis.



VITAMINS C Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamin A Vitamin Thiamin (B1)

Riboflavin (B2)

Folates (B3)

Pantothenic Acid (B5) &


MINERALS Calcium Copper Iron Magnesium Zinc &


ELECTROLYTES Sodium Potassium
PHYTO-NUTRIENTS Carotene Lutene – Zeaxanthin
  1. Table 2 : NUTRITIONAL CONTENT OF BROCCOLI IN DETAIL – A Bird’s Eye View : (*3*)
Energy 34001 Calories
Carbohydrates 6.65 grams
Protein 2.83 grams
Fat 0.38 grams
Cholesterol NIL
Fiber 2.61 grams
Folates Vitamin 64 µg
Niacin Vitamin 0.640 mg
Pantothenic Vitamin 0.572 mg
Pyridoxine Vitamin 0.176 mg
Riboflavin Vitamin 0.118 mg
Thiamin 0.072 mg
A Vitamin 624 IU
C Vitamin 89.3 mg
E Vitamin 0.18 mg
K Vitamin 101.7 µg
Sodium Mineral 34 mg
Potassium Mineral 317 mg
Calcium Mineral 48 mg
Copper Mineral 0.050 mg
Iron Mineral 0.74 mg
Manganese Mineral 0.211 mg
Magnesium Mineral 22 mg
Zinc Mineral 0.42 mg
Carotene 362 µg
Lutein – Zeaxanthin 1404 µg


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