Coconut Water Health Benefits

Coconut water is a liquid mix which is found in the tough layer of a coconut fruit. The coconut water is the best relief providing liquid or fluid that is drunk by people all over the globe.

This is due to the fact that the water inside the coconut offers high nutrient attributes and health promoting elements. Coconut water has a lot of elements which are present in them: such as sugar elements, mineral elements, vitamin elements, electrolyte agents, enzyme agents, a few acid contents etc., (*1, 5 & 7*)

Scientifically the coconut fruit plant is a member of the family of Arecaceae clan. The scientific synonym of coconut fruit plant is Cocoas nucifera.

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Let us now dive deep and catch a bird’s eye view about the distinct health advantages of Coconut Water.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Water 

The following are a few of the health benefits of Coconut Water but not limited

Quenches Thirst

The coconut water as a fluid is a good nourishing fluid which helps the human beings to get the better of hostile and humid conditions and the extreme thirst that is caused by such conditions.. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Address Dehydration

The coconut fruit water is full of a lot of elements and attributes which address the dehydration concerns prevalent in the body of the human beings. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Prevents Clotting of Blood

A lot of research experiments and studies conducted on coconut fruit water indicated and corroborated that the elements of cytokinins such as kinetin element and trans-zeatin element which are present in abundance in coconut fruit water have full capability to address the conditions of ageing ailments, carcinogenic ailments, thrombotic ailments and also the blood clot formation ailments. This health benefit is similar to that of Sauerkraut. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Cures Diarrhea ailment

Coconut fruit water is often offered to individuals or persons suffering from the condition of diarrhea ailment all over several humid and hostile areas to effectively fill in enough fluids which are otherwise lost from inside the body. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

First-aid Source

Another major health benefit of coconut fruit water is – it serves as a first-aid fluid drink and can be served to people suffering from primary ailments without the need to rush to the hospital immediately. This health benefit is also consistent with Lemon Water, Tea and Rooibos Tea. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Osmolarity Feature

The osmolarity feature or condition of good coconut fruit water is relatively higher when compared to the Oral Rehydration Therapy liquid solution largely endorsed by World Health Organization. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Best Drink among its contemporaries

The fact that fresh and farm coconut fruit water has many biological natured contents such as mineral elements, amino acid contents, fatty acid contents and enzyme agents makes this liquid even more valuable and health benefitting than many other drinks. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Smooth Digestion process

Fresh and Farm Coconut fruit water has several natural biologically active enzyme elements and agents like acid phosphatase content, catalase element, dehydrogenase element, diastase content, peroxidase element, RNA-polymerases content etc to name a few.

The elements and agents present in fresh and farm coconut water facilitate in smooth process of digestion and smooth process of metabolism inside the human body.


On the lines of the above mentioned health benefit of coconut water – The elements and agents present in fresh and farm coconut water facilitate in smooth process of metabolism inside the human body.

Low in Consistency, High in Value: In spite of not being extremely heavy in the factor of consistency, fresh and farm coconut fruit water relatively possess rich mix of many minerals such as calcium mineral, iron mineral, manganese mineral, magnesium mineral and zinc mineral when compared to the rest of the fresh fruit fluids. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

B- Complex Vitamins Presence

Fresh and Farm Coconut fruit water further has rich quantity of B Vitamins such as RFN i.e. riboflavin vitamin, Nitonic Acid i.e. niacin vitamin, B3, B5, B6 & B9 vitamins to name a few. These vitamin elements and attributes are necessary to the body of the human beings to get the right amount of energy that is required from outside edible sources. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Soluble in Nature

Lastly, fresh and farm coconut fruit water contain limited quantities of C Vitamin attributes such as Ascorbic acid content. In numbers, fresh coconut fruit water gives about 2.5 milligrams. C Vitamin is liquid-soluble antoxidant element in nature. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Potassium Rich Fluid

Coconut fruit water contains decent quantities of electrolyte potassium mineral. To quote in numbers, every 100 milliliters of fresh and farm coconut fruit water contains 260 milligrams of potassium content and 110 milligrams of sodium content. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Best for Pregnant Women & Children: The very unique and distinctive health benefit of this high quality beverage is that it is recommended for women who are pregnant and also for small children. No side-effects are reported. Hence, in a sense, Coconut water is universally appealing for consumption. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Arrests Loose Stools: By being hand-in-glove, the electrolyte attributes assist in addressing the ailment or condition of lack of enough electrolyte fluids inside the human body which might have been caused due to the condition of diarrhea i.e. loose stools ailment. (*4,6,8 & 9*)




VITAMINS C Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamin A Vitamin Thiamin (B1)

Riboflavin (B2)

Folates (B3)

Pantothenic Acid (B5) &


MINERALS Calcium Copper Iron Magnesium Zinc &


ELECTROLYTES Sodium Potassium
PHYTO-NUTRIENTS Carotene Lutene – Zeaxanthin


Energy 19001 Calories
Carbs 3.72 grams
Proteins 0.73 grams
Fats 0.21 grams
Cholesterol level NIL
Fiber level 1.1 grams
Folates (B vitamin) 3 µg
Niacin (B vitamin) 0.081 mg
Pantothenic Acid (B vitamin) 0.044 mg
Pyridoxine (B vitamin) 0.033 mg
Riboflavin (B vitamin) 0.058 mg
Thiamin (B vitamin) 0.031 mg
A Vitamin 0 IU
C Vitamin 25 mg
E Vitamin 0 mg
K Vitamin 0 µg
Sodium Electrolyte 106 mg
Potassium Electrolyte 251 mg
Calcium mineral 25 mg
Copper mineral 41 mg
Iron mineral 0.30 mg
Manganese mineral 0.143 mg
Magnesium mineral 26 mg
Zinc mineral 0.11 mg
Carotene-ß 0 µg
Carotene-α 0 µg

Coconut fruit water is a globally consumed liquid fluid. This nutrient rich fluid is consumed by one and all across the globe. Till date, no ill-effects have been reported through the consumption of this unique liquid. Hence, in addition to being enjoyed all over the world, this has also been corroborated to be very safe for pregnant women and recently born infants.  (*4*)

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To sum up, the Coconut Water having known for citric in nature, had been treated very valuable for its rich nutritious and antioxidant features. It is a corroborated fact that citrus fruit juices, especially Coconut Water, by its rich content of vitamins and minerals, had several proven health benefactors.

So, what’s the delay???? Let’s down a glass of Coconut Water to reap optimum value of Coconut Water.


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