Cumin Seeds Health Benefits

What Is Cumin Seed?

Cumin seeds are a part of the family of Apiaceae clan. This is scientifically referred to as  Cuminum cyminum. (*1, 5 & 7*)

Cumin Seeds

Let us now dive deep and catch a bird’s eye view about the distinct health advantages of Cumin Seeds

Healtth Benefits Of Cumin Seeds

The following are a few of the health benefits of Cumin Seeds but not limited to,

Condition of Flatulence and Indigestion

Cumin seeds are used to manufacture a decoction mix ingredient which is inscribed in several medicines which are aimed at treating the ill-effects of flatulence condition and indigestion problem among the human beings. This is one of the primary health benefits of cumin seeds.

Severe Cold Preventer

Also, the chief health benefit of cumin seed is – these are used as natural ingredients in various medicines which are meant to treat the condition of severe cold among the human beings. This is one of the most appreciated health benefit of cumin seeds.

Optimum Dietary Fiber

Cumin seeds consist of several agents of phytochemicals which are widely popular to have possessed the attributes of antioxidant agents, carminative agents & anti-flatulent agents. These seeds provide significant levels of dietary fiber content. This factor adds to the ever growing list of the health benefits that cumin seeds offers.

Unique Oil Provider

The Cumin seeds also comprise of specific health promoting oils like cuminalehyde oil (4-isoproylbenzaldehyde oil), pyrazines oil, 2-metoxy-3-sec-butylpyrazin oil, 2-ethoxy-3-isopropylprazine oil, and 2-methoxy-3-methylpyrazin oil etc., These oils do play a very significant role in ensuring appropriate healthy conditions for the human beings. This is one of the principle health benefits of consumption of cumin seeds.

Gastro-Intestinal Benefits

The super active and dynamic nutrient agents present in the cumin seeds might facilitate motility of gut part and significantly assist in the process of digestion for the human beings by stimulating gastro-intestinal juicy secretion content. This is another feather in the cap of the long list of unique health benefits of cumin seeds.

Cancer Cells

It is widely believed and also scientifically proven that Cumin Seeds eliminates the risks of prostate cancer ailments and ovarian cancers ailments for the human beings. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*).

Web of Nutrients

Quality Cumin Seeds are fully loaded with elements of fiber, rich nutrients of vitamins, high quality minerals and several health aiding antioxidant agents. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*).

Effective body care

Cumin Seeds are an excellent warehouse for antioxidant elements of E Vitamin. As we are aware, E Vitamin is an effective liquid soluble enabled antioxidant element. It eliminates the chances of injury of oxidant in nature to the tissue cells present inside the body. Hence, E vitamin present in Cumin Seeds assists in ensuring the mucosa integrity and skin care by providing enough safety from dangerous and ill-natured oxygen-free radical elements. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*).

Nucleus for B Complex Vitamins

Fresh and Farm Cumin Seeds are further a significant provider of B Complex type of vitamin attributes such as B3, B5, B6 & B9 contents. They function as essential catalysts for varied enzyme agents in the process of cell substrate metabolism function happening inside the human body.

Cholesterol Level

In addition to this, nitonic acid which is prevalent in cumin seeds assists significantly for decreasing bad cholesterol content level in the blood of the human beings. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*).

Growth and Development of Human Body

Additionally, fresh and farm grown Cumin Seeds does have large quantities of required minerals such as copper mineral, manganese mineral, potassium mineral, calcium mineral, iron mineral, magnesium mineral, zinc mineral and selenium mineral. Zinc mineral works as a co-catalyst for multiple enzyme agents that take care of growth process and development process of the human body, digestion process and the process of nucleic acid content synthesis.

Co-Catalyst and Blood Pressure Manager

Potassium mineral works as a co-catalyst for multiple fluids of the cell and the body that assists in effective management of heart rate level and blood pressure level among the human beings. Lastly, the mineral of manganese works as a co-catalyst to the all important superoxide dismutase enzyme. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*).

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Similar to other high quality nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds; fresh and farm grown Cumin Seeds are very high containers of folate and thimain which are vital B complex vitamin attributes. Thiamin as a B complex vitamin is very vital stimulator for carbohydrate metabolism process inside the body of the human beings. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*).

First-Aid at Home

The uniqueness of cumin seeds when compared to the other seeds is that they could be used as a primary aid for some less dangerous ailments like cough and running nose before rushing to the doctor. They are universally preserved by all mothers at home to take care of any medical contingencies that could be addressed. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*).

Medicinal Value & Cooking

Another distinct advantage of Cumin seeds that it is used both in cooking and in preparing various medicines globally.




VITAMINS C Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamin A Vitamin Thiamin (B1)

Riboflavin (B2)

Folates (B3)

Pantothenic Acid (B5) &


MINERALS Calcium Copper Iron Magnesium Zinc &


ELECTROLYTES Sodium Potassium
PHYTO-NUTRIENTS Carotene Lutene – Zeaxanthin


Energy 375001 Calories
Carbohydrates 44.25 grams
Proteins 17.90 grams
Fats 22.28grams
Cholesterol level NIL
Dietary Fiber content 10.60grams
Folates (B Vitamin) 11 µg
Niacin (Nitonic Acid) 4.59 mg
Pantothenic Acid (B Vitamin) 0 mg
Pyridoxine (B Vitamin) 0.436mg
Riboflavin (RFN) 0.33 mg
Thiamin (B Vitamin) 0.629mg
A Vitamin 1270 IU
C Vitamin 7.8mg
E Vitamin 3.4mg
K Vitamin 5.5 µg
Sodium level 1789 mg
Potassium level 69 mg
Calcium level 932 mg
Copper level 0.868 mg
Iron level 66.37 mg
Manganese level 3.4 mg
Magnesium level 367 mg
Zinc level 4.90 mg
Carotene content 763 µg
Lutein Zeaxanthin content 449 µg

Cumin Seeds


It is an open secret that anything consumed in excess does lead to complication and Cumin Seeds are no exception. When consumed in ideal quantities, no dangerous ill-effects have been reported out of the usage of Cumin Seeds.

However, when consumed in abundance quantities in foods, these seeds tend to lead to the ailments of irritation in the gastro intestine inside the body, ill-effects of indigestion ailment and formation of ulcers inside the stomach.

Hence we bring to your kind notice that usage of these seeds should be at individual discretion and they should ideally consult a specialist or a professional physician or dietician prior to consumption. (*4*)

So, what’s the delay???? Let’s get to the nearest seeds place and grab Cumin Seeds to reap optimum value of Cumin Seeds.


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