Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

What is Dark Chocolate?

Dark Chocolate does not require introduction and is extremely popular and famous on the planet. Dark chocolate is prepared with seeds that belong to Cocoa tree. It is a known secret that dark chocolate is the most significant and rich source of antioxidants (nutrient attributes) of all the other eatables.

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Research study conducted has technically proved the fact that dark chocolate bars might better the health condition of human beings and also greatly lessen the potential risk of various disease ailments and conditions of cancer (multiple types) among the human beings. (*1, 5 & 7*)

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The best health benefit of consuming dark chocolate bar is – it is fully loaded with a lot of nutrient attributes which positively influence and impact human being’s health status. A few of the other health benefits or advantages of consuming dark chocolate are as follows:

Extremely and highly nutritious in its nature

The primary health benefit of dark chocolate is – If you purchase a high quality or best dark chocolate bar which is fully loaded with a reasonably high cocoa content or value, then will be extremely and highly nutritious in nature. A high quality and best dark chocolate bar which is fully loaded with best content of cocoa as ingredient will be extremely rich in nutrition attribute levels as a matter of fact. Also, the dark chocolate consists of a reasonable quantity of dietary fiber content and elements which are very enriching for the human body. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Mineral Wealth

One of the widely discussed and well-known health advantage of dark chocolate is – It also consists of other minerals such as potassium mineral, phosphorus mineral, zinc mineral and selenium mineral. Quality dark chocolate also has significant amounts of Fiber content, Iron content, Magnesium content, Copper content, Manganese content and a few other extremely enriching and required for our human body from external sources to get optimum health. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Best value even with Moderate consumption

The simple and yet the widely appreciated health benefit of dark chocolate is – 100 grams of dark chocolate with rich level content of cocoa product spikes up almost 650 calories. Hence it is always advised that human beings should not ideally be consuming large chunks of dark chocolate bars. Human beings can derive or reap the optimum or the best benefit out of the consumption of dark chocolate bars only when it is taken in adequate low levels. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Powerful Source of Antioxidants elements

Another health vantage point of dark chocolate that is widely discussed these days is – Dark chocolate bar is significantly and greatly filled up with organic compounds or elements that are biologically active in their nature and discharge the functions of antioxidant elements. Some of them are polyphenols elements, flavanols elements and catechin elements etc., A recent experiment corroborated and indicated that dark chocolate bar has abundant antioxidant activity, polyphenol elements and flavanols elements than all the rest of the fruits which were also put to test. Some of the fruits which were put to such test were strawberries and apples. The principle health benefit of dark chocolate bar that is worthy of making a quick mention in this context or situation is – dark chocolate bar as a food item posses a large variety of powerful antioxidant elements and nutrient attributes, which outnumber those contained in several other items. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Best Orac Ranker:

The unique health advantage of dark chocolate could be better understood from the facts – Do you know what orac is or stand for? Orac stands for – Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a standard measuring technique or parameter using which the antioxidant element activities of food items is measured. Generally, researchers and other learned professionals measure a mix of bad radicals with a sample quantity of food item and test how advantageous the antioxidant element properties which are present in the food items can get the better of them.

Even though the scientific or technical significance or relevance of this measurement is subjected to a lot of intense and microscopic scrutiny and evaluation due to the simple fact that this measuring process is carried out in the confines of only a test tube and is genuinely deemed not to have deeper impact on the body of human beings, it is noteworthy to quote that the raw in nature cocoa beans product which form an internal pack of dark chocolate bar are the top rankers of all ORAC scores. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Positively impact the flow of blood inside the human body

One of the health advantages of dark chocolates that most physicians talk about is – The flavanols nutrient attributes which are contained in the dark chocolate bar helps to a very large extent in quickening and regulating the flow of blood inside the body of the human beings. This happens due to the presence of the nutrient element Nitric Oxide inside the ingredient, cocoa, which is prevalent inside the dark chocolate bar. The Nitric Oxide communicates required signals to the parts of the arteries that drive them to thoroughly regulate the process of flow of blood inside the bodies of the human beings. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Regulation of Blood Pressure

The widely popular health advantage of dark chocolate is – The biologically active elements or attributes present in the dark chocolate bar improve the flow of blood inside the canals of the arteries and eventually lead to a very minute and yet significant and drastic (read as ideal) decrease in blood pressure levels. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Reduces the high risk of cardiovascular ailments condition

The elements present in the dark chocolate seem to be significantly protective against the ill effects of bad cholesterol content. This situation leads to very less cholesterol to stay inside the arteries and hence the potential chances of human beings falling prey to heart disease ailments are reduced. This adds to the ever growing list of health benefits list of dark chocolates. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Protection of Skin

The best of the health benefits of dark chocolate that fairer sex appreciates is – biologically active elements which are present in dark chocolate are extremely beneficial and useful for our skin. The flavonol elements present in the dark chocolate could guard against the damage caused by burning Sun, improve the flow of blood to the skin and further enhance the density or thickness of the skin. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Improves the functioning of Brain

The growing list of the health benefits of dark chocolate bar to human beings are not completed yet. Dark chocolate bar also facilitates effective functioning of the human brain which is the most significant part of the human body. A recent study research that was conducted as an experiment on several health volunteers has indicated and pointed out with proven facts that a few days of consuming rich and good quality cocoa content filled dark chocolate bar improvised the flow of blood to the brain inside their bodies. This health benefit of dark chocolate is distinctly popular among children and students.(*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Hydration Process

The nutrient rich flavonol elements contained in the dark chocolate also facilitates effective and smooth hydration process inside the human body. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*). This health benefit is also familiar with fluids like coconut water & lemon water.

Nutrients in numbers

A 100 gram weighing high quality bar of dark chocolate containing close to a large percentile of cocoa (read as above 80 percent and above) will have the following attributes as listed in the table below: (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Nutrient Attribute Weight (Content Level)
Fiber level 11 grams
Iron level 65 % of RDA
Magnesium level 60% of RDA
Copper level 90 % of RDA
Manganese level 98 % of RDA

Cardiovascular Benefits

It is scientifically and technically proven with necessary corroborations and there is enough evidence and proof that cocoa which is an integral part of dark chocolate provides significant and major health benefits to human beings. A special mention of unbelievable safety from the ill-effects of cardiovascular ailment condition is worth a very deep mention. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Perfect Desert

A single square or two of the total bar, post our regular meal will help us to perfectly savor them and reap the optimum full benefits of dark chocolate. This adds more value to our health when compared to many of the other deserts that are available. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Supreme Taste & Richly Delicious

It must be submitted that the above are only a few of the health benefits of dark chocolate and the list might just go on. On a lighter note, this article did not yet, till this point made a mention of the unbelievable rich and delicious that a dark chocolate bar leaves in our mouth when consumed. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)


It is very important and most pertinent to note that most of the chocolate bar that one gets in the market or in shops does not hold much health value. We have to exercise due diligence and be sharp and stay oblivious to that fact that we ensure to get dark chocolate bars which are very organic in nature and contain a minimum of 80% of cocoa product content. Also, humans must stay alive to the fact that we cannot over-consume this food item. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)

Dark chocolate bar in general consists of very limited or less amount of sugar content. Please note that the thickness of the color of dark chocolate is directly proportional to the sugar levels in the bar. In other words, the darker or thicker the color of the chocolate, the more the sugar content is inside it.


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