8 Benefits to Use an Yoga Ball as Your Chair

What Is Yoga Ball Chair?

Yoga ball chairs can be of two types. One type is just a conventional yoga ball or stability ball that you sit on. The advantage of this type of yoga ball chair is that it makes you work harder just to stabilize your body and it is relatively inexpensive to buy.

The second type is a yoga ball installed on a traditional chair base which has wheels and also provides back support. This is more costly, but it provides you with greater support.

A yoga ball has been used for a long time in yoga as well as for various other workouts because it allows you to improve your balance and core strength, as you sit on it.

A yoga ball chair is a piece of semi-stable equipment that not only allows you to balance your weight correctly but is also a good way to exercise your abdomen and back muscles.

Yoga Ball Chair Benefits

Yoga Ball Benefits

Benefits to Use an Yoga Ball as Your Chair

1. Improved balance

Since you are not sitting on a flat surface, the tendency is to assume different positions just to maintain your balance while you are sitting. While you shift your position just to sit erect and straight without falling down, your whole body improves its sense of stability.

2. Allows you more efficient burning of calories

As you move several times during the day on your yoga ball chair, your metabolism increases, which lets you burn more calories in a day compared to sitting on a regular chair that just makes you more sedentary.

3. Improves your posture

Using a yoga ball chair also improves your posture. If you are sitting on a ball chair, you can observe that your body rarely slouches or maintains a poor posture because doing so can make you unstable and fall from the chair. Yoga ball chairs may also help you to assume a better posture while sitting down on and standing up from the chair.

4. Increases your core strength

When your core muscles work to keep you stable on the yoga ball, your muscles are usually strengthened. Core muscles include the back muscles, abdominal muscles and leg muscles that work together to keep you balanced and upright on the yoga ball chair.

5. Improves endurance

Aside from increasing the core muscle strength, a yoga ball chair will also help you enhance your endurance. Sitting on a yoga ball is never easy because you have to keep your position stable. By doing this, your muscles acquire increased endurance as a result, as they are accustomed to working harder and longer.

6. Improves body mechanics

Yoga ball chairs don’t allow you to slouch because slouching may lead to falling or slipping off the yoga ball, therefore yoga ball chairs improve your body mechanics while you are sitting.

7. Improves joint stability

Yoga ball chairs also improve the stability of your joints. Making your muscles work as you sit just to maintain your balance also strengthens your joints that help you move such as hips and knees.

8. It provides a good way for exercise while working

If you always complain of not getting enough exercise because of your office work, then, a yoga ball chair may be just the answer to your problems because it allows you to exercise while doing your normal work in the office.

You may want to think about replacing your conventional office or utility chair with a yoga ball chair. If you don’t have enough money to buy the specially designed yoga ball chair with wheels and back support, you could always begin with a simple yoga or stability ball and use it to sit on while doing your work.